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I suffer from chronic fatigue and possibly a touch of narcolepsy. I yawned constantly and always felt weak, drowsy and sleepy during the daytime. I thank God I discovered Modalert brand Modafinil because it is a life saver for me. I started out taking only 50 mg. twice a day to get acquainted with it. I find now that 100 mg. in the morning and 50 mg. after lunch works best for me. It has stopped my constant yawning, drowsiness and strong urge to want to fall asleep during the day. It has given me a non jittery energy, wakefulness, increased concentration, and an improvement in mood. And bonus, it does not interfere with my sleep at night, as long as I do not take it past 3:00 p.m. I have found it beneficial to take a 1 to 2 day break every week or so, this helps recharge the effect. I experienced only a couple of mild side effects during the first 2 weeks of use. A slight dull headache and mild nausea just a few times (taking Modafinil with food helps that). I now experience no side effects whatsoever. Thank you, you are a true God send. Your product, service and prices are top notch!

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