We’ve offered Bitcoin payments since the beginning, but not many people use them due to difficulty in obtaining them. Credit cards are the easiest, but in case your credit card payment fails, or you’re looking to be more anonymous, paying by Bitcoin might be the right choice for you.

YC-Combinator start-up called Coinbase allows you to buy Bitcoin directly from your bank account. The process is explained on their blog:

You Can Now Buy And Sell Bitcoin By Connecting Any U.S. Bank Account

The process for buying modafinil at using Bitcoin would be:

1. Make an order on the site, choose Bitcoin as payment method. You will then know how many BTC (bitcoins) you need to obtain.

2. Set up a Coinbase account. Buy BTC on through Coinbase, following the above tutorial.

3. You received an e-mail from us specifying where you need to send the BTC. Log-in to your Coinbase account and send your BTC to the BTC address you received in your e-mail. Shoot us a quick msg (ideally be replaying to the order confirmation we sent you) saying you transfered the BTC, to make the process faster.

4. Your order is on the way! You will receive your tracking code within 48hrs.


That’s all folks! In case you’re not clear about any of those steps, contact our customer service, we’ll be happy to assist!

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