The rat race has become ever more difficult to cope with for many people. Jobs are on the line, Graduates fight for fewer jobs once they leave school, and employers are pressuring staff to work longer hours to replace the work of outsourced employees. The competition for jobs is high and people are under stress like never before to perform for pay.

Many individuals are turning to the medicine chest for the answer. Cognitive stimulation seems to be the golden ticket these days in the workplace and on campuses. There are lifestyle drugs such as modafinil, which enhance a person’s ability to focus and remain alert. Some have claimed to be able to concentrate to a higher degree than ever before.

Modafinil is not the only study drug used. It’s consider one of the Adderall alternatives. Others with a stimulant effect are Ritalin, Adderal, some amphetamines, all are being used by employees, athletes, undergraduates, young students [even in high school], and even academics. Certain contentious reports have been published outlining the use of drugs in society to become more effective at reaching your societal and life objectives.

The author of one report did an unofficial survey of co workers who admitted to using modafinil to stave off jet lag from extensive travel schedules, easing their anxiety while at public functions and bettering their work performance. These lifestyle Eugeroic drugs are becoming more common place in society and are relatively simple to acquire through a physician since modafinil tends to be off label prescribed quite often.

Medicos know it is a relatively safe medication for a healthy individual, so depending on the doctor, a prescription could be easily had. It can also now be purchased online though use without a prescription is illegal. When ingested by healthy people modafinil data shows modafinil improves interim memory, fends off fatigue and rockets a person’s ability to concentrate.

Students and academics prefer modafinil to other stimulants or “smart drugs” because of the lesser adverse reactions and “hangover symptoms” associated to it during withdrawal. There have been sporadic headaches cited, occasionally some loose stools, and the slightest bit of nausea, and though uncomfortable to a certain extent, pretty mild when compared to cardiac problems, potential strokes, and tumors that can arise from the use of Ritalin like drugs.

Modafinil is still fairly new to the market and in the United Kingdom for example, has only been available since 2002. This means that there is little data regarding long term problems associated with modafinil use. Modafinil is currently stocked by the army as a tool for operational vigilance for sleep deprived troopers.
When queried about his drug use while studying one student divulged that he has tried modafinil a number of times and because of the university curriculum be so severe he would often need to remain awake and studying into the wee hours to complete assignments and remain alert for the following day’s classes. He claimed it successfully assisted his concentration levels and his power of focus was amazing. Overall he did not think it improved his grade point average or turn him into a better student.

Many have started to question why the drug is not available over the counter [OTC]. The reason is obvious, there simply is not enough research data regarding side effects and long term problems that may arise. Modafinil is not addictive, at least from a physical standpoint. Others have claimed to feel so incredible they begin to panic as there supply of modafinil begins to run low. There can be a psychological yearning for a drug that makes one feel so “perky” and “feeling good” which is actually the definition of eugeroic class of medications.

One University director of an institute representing Ethics, Sciences and Innovation made the claim that he believed the powers that be need to consider allowing modafinil type medications be made obtainable by students via OTC rather than prescription since they are already in use.

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