Rich from NYC, USA received his order in less then a week, via EMS (USPS):

I approached as a skeptic, frankly, because there are so many scams out there, but trust me, this is real — I got my batch of Modalert in five days to NYC, pretty amazing! But it’s more than that — you won’t be dealing with some questionable online “pharmacy” but rather some people that just seem like… people… who are selling an authentic product at a reasonable price, with great service.

Ron from Sylvania, Australia received his package in 8 days, via EMS:

This is the first time I have ordered from myModafinil.com and am greatly impressed by the speed of your service (8 days) and the price and superb quality of your product, Modalert, especially when compared to a blatant copy called Modulert that I have been taking.The only thing they seem to have in common is the packaging! I cannot recommend your product and service Highly enough.

John from Oakland, CA received Modalert in less then a week:

Unfortunately this is going to read like a marketing blurb, but I don’t see how to get around it. I have been on moda for a couple of years now by prescription, but order from generics sites due to the insane costs in the US. I have used quite a few sites in that time and mymodafinil.com beats them hands down. Excellent customer service that answered a number of questions, shipped quickly and the product was Sun moda when I got it and worked fine. I will be using this site in the future as my primary supplier.

Griffin left us the following testimonial:

Wow, good service! Five days to go half way around the world! Thank you, I will be back. Griffin

Michael from Colorado, USA got his order in 7 days, via EMS:

myModafinil.com is awesome! Great customer service. I received a tracking code 10 hours after I paid, and the package came exactly 7 days later. Modalert by Sun Pharma, no generics, works great. There’s no comparison ordering from online pharmacies (30+ day deliveries) and myModafinil.com. Highly recommended!

Sam from Sweden: (shipped via Registered Airmail since we can’t EMS to Sweden, delivered in 10 days)

I’ve been ordering Modafinil from myModafinil now a few times and each time I’ve had NO problems with customs, fast shipping, and excellent customer service! The brand they’re selling (Modalert) is the real deal and I’ve enjoyed increased focus, stamina, and performance both mentally and physically. I have nothing but good things to say about myModafinil.com and Modafinil

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